Every day, more than 11 pedestrians nationwide lose their lives because of accidents involving motor vehicles. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 12 percent of the deaths that occur in crashes on U.S. roads involve pedestrian/vehicle accidents. Most of those happen in urban areas where there is likely to be more foot traffic competing with motor vehicle traffic. When you or someone you love has been struck by a car, truck, or other vehicle, and left seriously injured, you may be entitled to receive compensation from the driver who hurt you.

At the Goolsby Law Firm, Carrollton car accident attorney Mike Goolsby is the strong choice for injury victims who have been harmed in motor vehicle or pedestrian accidents. He understands how devastating injuries to pedestrians can be and he knows that your aim is to regain your health and resume your life. As an experienced Carrollton personal injury lawyer, Mike Goolsby has protected the rights of injury victims for nearly two decades, helping them secure the compensation they deserve when careless or negligent drivers caused them serious harm.

In Texas, more than 3,000 people die in motor vehicle accidents yearly. Just over 11% of those deadly collisions claim the lives of pedestrians. Someone on foot loses his or her life in a crash with a motor vehicle nearly every day – 28 people per month. In fact, our state ranks third nationwide for pedestrian deaths.

Experienced Dallas Car Accident Lawyer Mike Goolsby knows that even greater numbers of people suffer serious injuries in crashes with motor vehicles. According to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for every pedestrian killed, more than 14 people nationwide are hurt in pedestrian versus motor vehicle collisions.

When it comes to injuries, cars and trucks can inflict catastrophic damage on the human body. Pedestrians have no protection against vehicles and are easily wounded when they collide with windshields, bumpers and other unyielding vehicle surfaces. Multiple broken bones, internal organ injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and mobility-affecting damage to the spinal cord can change pedestrians’ lives in the space of a few seconds.

Crosswalks, sidewalks, and medians are frequent sites of pedestrian v. motor vehicle accidents. Many involve older individuals, and more males than females lose their lives as pedestrians. When you or someone you care about is hurt in a crash with a motor vehicle, you want the assurance that your attorney knows how to handle the complexities of a pedestrian accident. Dallas car accident attorney Mike Goolsby has built his firm’s reputation on outstanding service to victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents. For nearly two decades, the Goolsby Law Firm has aggressively represented accident victims, winning the full and fair settlements they need to get medical care, replace lost wages, and receive compensation for their pain and suffering. When you need a Dallas personal injury lawyer who knows the law and is committed to treating every client with respect and compassion, call on car accident attorney Mike Goolsby for a free, confidential consultation about your case.

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