The desire to live a “greener” life and the economic benefits of saving gasoline motivate many people to elevate bicycling beyond a mere leisure activity, turning it into a practical means of everyday transportation. Unfortunately, though, every day in the U.S., just under two people lose their lives in accidents involving motor vehicles and bicycles. Although bike and vehicle collisions represent a relatively small percentage of fatal crashes on the nation’s roads, injuries touch the lives of many bicyclists daily.

Leading Dallas Car Accident Attorney Mike Goolsby is experienced in representing the interests of bicyclists who have sustained serious injuries in accidents involving motor vehicles. He and his professional staff at the Goolsby Law Firm have the resources needed to investigate the crash that left you hurt. Attorney Goolsby’s proven record as a successful Dallas personal injury lawyer of more than 16 years’ standing is your assurance that he will work to build a compelling case designed to secure the maximum compensation to which you’re entitled for your injuries.

Of the more than 3,000 people who die in crashes on Texas roads yearly, some 48 lose their lives in bicycle v. motor vehicle accidents. Although the percentage of bicycle fatalities is small, authorities hasten to say that many accidents go unreported, and that many more people suffer serious injuries. Estimates range from 140 people per day to more than 1,300 people per day who suffer injuries in bike accidents nationwide.

As an experienced Carrollton personal injury lawyer, Mike Goolsby’s nearly two decades of practice have shown him the devastating injuries that bike riders face when collisions occur. Texas is not one of the twenty or so U.S. states that require bicyclists to wear helmets. That means that unprotected riders can easily suffer catastrophic head injuries. Traumatic damage to the brain can result, changing your future in an instant.

Because bicyclists don’t have any protection against the power, speed and weight of cars and trucks, they may be left with multiple serious wounds. Broken bones are a frequent occurrence. When they involve the legs or feet, victims can find their mobility affected for years to come. Damage to internal organs can require expensive and extensive surgical intervention, and deep cuts or lacerations can leave bicycle riders with visible and sometimes disfiguring scars.

When you’ve been hurt in a bicycle/motor vehicle accident, you need the proven skills of Carrollton Car Accident Attorney Mike Goolsby on your side. Serious injuries may require access to specialized medical care. They may prevent your working and earning a living – perhaps for a long time. You need to be assured that you’ll have an income to support yourself and your family. Mike Goolsby is known as a strong advocate for injury victims, an attorney who will fight to protect your rights and who will challenge even the biggest insurance companies to get you the compensation you need. Ask about a free consultation to discuss your case. You pay nothing unless we recover money for you.

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