Dealing with the serious injury or death of a family member in an accident is among the most trying times in anyone’s life. Dealing with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies can be almost too much to endure. Without professional help, families too often find themselves without the resources to pay for medical bills and rehabilitation. To say nothing of lost wages and reimbursement for pain and suffering.

Mike Goolsby is a Carrollton personal injury lawyer and wrongful death attorney you can count on. He personally accepts the responsibility of fighting for the rights of each client his firm agrees to represent. He knows about the medical bills, the stress and strains wrought by injury and recovery. He understands how insurance companies operate; too often looking out for their own bottom line at the expense of struggle families.

And he knows what it takes to protect your rights and win the compensation you deserve.

As a veteran Dallas car accident lawyer, he understands the dangers are real: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports the 3,071 fatalities on Texas roads in 2009 was second-highest in the nation after the 3,081 deaths reported in California. Texas led the nation in 2008.

The news is no better for pedestrian accidents or bicycle accidents in Dallas: The 466 fatal Texas pedestrian accidents in 2009, and the 48 fatal Texas bicycle accidents, both ranked third-highest in the nation, behind California and Florida. Dallas pedestrian accident attorneys and bicycle accident lawyers understand such crashes are typically the fault of the motorists and often result in very serious or fatal injuries.

The state is also among the nation’s deadliest when it comes to drunk driving accidents and motorcycle accidents. As a Dallas motorcycle accident attorney, Mike Goolsby knows about the broken bones, the road rash, the scars and the length recovery faced by riders. The number of motorcycles on the road has nearly doubled in the last decade, and so has the number of serious and fatal accidents. In two-thirds of the crashes involving another vehicle, the vehicle’s driver is found at fault.

And in no case is the devastation more senseless than in a case in which a family member is seriously injured or killed by a drunk driver. Nearly half of all fatal crashes in Texas involve alcohol – accounting for 1,437 of the state’s 3,071 deaths in 2009. Somewhere in Texas, four people a day are killed in crashes involving a drunk driver.

At The Goolsby Law Firm, your case will receive the care and attention it deserves. It will not be handed off to another attorney. And it will not be entrusted to assistants or support staff. From intake to final resolution, Mike Goolsby will be your attorney. And together with a team specifically assembled to handle the unique aspect of your case, Attorney Goolsby will fight for your rights … in the negotiating room and in the courtroom.