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Dallas Car Accident Attorney Mike Goolsby has the experience auto accident victims need when they’re hurt and want reliable legal guidance. He knows how serious injuries sustained in car crashes can be, and he’s committed to serving every injured client with the professionalism, respect and dignity they deserve.

His nearly two decades of work on behalf of injury victims have taught Dallas Car Accident Attorney Mike Goolsby that our own Texas roadways can prove lethal for many motorists. In fact, more than 3,000 people per year are killed because of car crashes in our state. He also knows that many more people are left with injuries because of accidents. Crashes harm more than 235,000 people on our roads every year, and more than 80,000 of those drivers and passengers are seriously hurt.

Mike Goolsby knows that the injuries people suffer in crashes involving cars, trucks and other vehicles can be devastating. Face and head injuries can cause brain damage. Injuries to the neck and spine can leave victims partially or fully paralyzed or with lasting nerve damage. Deep cuts and lacerations may mean serious scarring or even disfigurement. Injuries to the skeletal system can affect mobility, sometimes permanently.

When you’ve been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, it can be difficult to immediately determine the extent of the damage that’s been done. It’s important to get medical treatment for any injuries, but it’s equally important not to be lured into signing off on a quick settlement just because insurance companies want to hold down their costs. Carrollton Accident Lawyer Mike Goolsby is known for his prowess in negotiating with insurers. He understands how to build a compelling case that demonstrates a driver’s liability for your injuries, and he won’t be swayed by the high-pressure tactics that many insurance adjusters try.

If you’ve suffered serious injuries because a driver was distracted, drove while impaired, or was careless in some other way, Mike Goolsby is prepared to take action to protect your rights. He knows that car crash victims may have time limits when it comes to pursuing claims. As an experienced Dallas accident attorney, he knows the laws that apply to your situation, and he’ll sit down with you free of charge to explain your rights and your options in the aftermath of an injury. If you’re unable to work because a careless driver hurt you, call on the car accident lawyer that Dallas and Carrollton residents depend on for aggressive and successful representation. Call Mike Goolsby.

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