Denton County’s City by the Lake is The Colony, located along the shores of Lake Lewisville. Originally intended as a planned community that would mirror its larger neighbor, Dallas, The Colony doesn’t share the century of existence that characterizes many of north Texas’s other communities. Begun by home developers in 1969, The Colony was incorporated in 1977 and later merged with nearby Eastvale. Popular with sports figures, The Colony won distinction from Sports Illustrated when the magazine named the community its 50th Anniversary Sports Town of the United States in 2003.

Its idyllic lakeside setting makes The Colony one of north Texas’s more picturesque communities. But The Colony criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby at the Goolsby Law Firm knows that a pleasing locale is no guarantee that legal challenges won’t occur. The Colony Police Department’s annual report confirms that more than 200 burglaries, 421 thefts, 37 motor vehicle thefts, and a number of other crimes took place in the city during 2009. When residents of The Colony find themselves accused of such offenses, the attorney they call is Mike Goolsby.

The Colony criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby has capably served local residents and others throughout Denton County for two decades. An experienced attorney who delivers on his commitment to provide personalized attention and round-the-clock accessibility, Attorney Goolsby knows that crimes and arrests don’t always happen during traditional business hours, so he pledges to respond at any hour you may call his firm. His practice has proven itself to be a respected legal resource for The Colony residents who are accused of such offenses as theft, robbery, burglary, assault, and more. Attorney Goolsby will work to ensure that your rights are protected, and he is committed to providing you with a powerful defense designed to win dismissal of the charges against you.

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, call The Colony drunk-driving lawyer at the Goolsby Law Firm. Your choice of attorneys can make a tremendous difference in the consequences you face after you’ve been stopped for DUI. You want a firm that’s dedicated to aggressively representing your interests and working to have the charges against you reduced or dropped. You want an attorney who knows how to cast doubt on the results of sobriety tests, and who has provided your fellow residents of The Colony with forceful defenses when their cases have gone to court. Attorney Goolsby’s trial experience is widely recognized, and his capabilities in the courtroom will serve your interests well.

Kudos for the Goolsby Law Firm extend to its performance in civil law cases. As a personal injury lawyer serving The Colony, the Goolsby firm’s reputation is second to none. Mike Goolsby is a skilled attorney who works tirelessly to win settlements for individuals who have suffered serious injuries because of the negligence or careless actions of another. He understands how upsetting severe injuries can be, and he knows that they reach beyond the victim to affect loved ones, too. When you’re hurt badly, Attorney Goolsby will come to your hospital bedside to meet with you. He knows that timely action can mean the difference between establishing your eligibility for compensation for your injuries and losing your right to seek damages. You’ll join other residents of The Colony and Denton County in recognizing the benefits that high-quality legal services afford you and your family in the wake of an injury.

If your injuries happened in a motor vehicle crash, The Colony car accident lawyer Mike Goolsby can help. He knows that more than 7,800 traffic crashes happen in Denton County in a year’s time, and that more than a thousand of those accidents result in serious injuries for 1,400 or more people. His experience in handling negotiations with insurance companies can free you to focus your attention on your recovery. He can help you gain access to the medical care you need, and he’ll take action to help you avoid being pressured into accepting a low settlement from a claims adjuster. When you need proven experience, you need the Denton County and The Colony car accident attorney Mike Goolsby.

From personal injury and wrongful death actions to powerhouse criminal defense, the Goolsby Law Firm is the accomplished legal resource The Colony residents demand. Attorney Goolsby believes that everyone should have access to the best possible representation. That’s why his firm is dedicated to aggressively representing you and protecting your rights. A free consultation with him enables you to describe your situation and to learn about the legal options available to you. Attorney Goolsby has the knowledge and the resources to successfully handle the civil or criminal law issues you face.

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