Under the law on premises liability, the owner or operator of a property can be held legally liable for the death or injury that negligence caused on those who come to his or her property. There are various kinds of accidents that can give rise to the offense including injury sustained in an amusement park, assault in a parking area or slip and fall accident in a mall. Usually, if hazardous conditions are allowed to exist in the property without warning people about it or fixing it, the owner or operator is accountable. In many cases involving unsafe premises, the dangerous conditions have already been identified for the owner because of a previous accident that took place and yet, no effort was made to make the premises safer. There is no excuse for this kind of negligence.

The kind of injuries that a person can suffer under premises liability include gunshot wound, traumatic brain injury, knife wound, burns, broken bones, spinal cord injury and sexual assault. As the plaintiff, you must be able to prove that the owner of the property created the hazardous condition that caused the injuries, has knowledge of the danger yet failed to warn tenants and visitors about it, was not careful about the dangerous conditions which may be attracted to children or have neglected the conditions that cause injuries to a person.

It is important that you have the services of a lawyer who has the experience and the understanding of the legal necessities needed to prove your case. If there is a need for litigation, your legal counsel must be willing and able to fight for your full compensation. There is plenty of premises liability cases that might have been won had their lawyers have more experience or enthusiasm to fight in court. Other cases were lost through summary judgment dismissal, without anything recovered by the victim. Although it is true that not all cases can be won, not every case that has been lost are not winnable. Having the right attorney increases your chances of success.

The most common type of accident under premises liability is slip and fall. The usual conditions that give rise to such accident include slippery surfaces, cracked sidewalks, wet floors, falling objects, torn carpeting, high stacking, uneven steps or floors, lack of security, and inadequate lighting. However, regardless of the particular conditions or the place where the incident occurred, every property owner has a certain responsibility to ensure that their premises are safe.

If you have been injured because of negligence in the property of someone else in Sachse, you should get in touch with us, the premises liability lawyers from The Goolsby Law Firm. Our talented lawyers will aid in maintaining your individual rights while at the same time disputing with the property owner and their legal counsel. Contact us at The Goolsby Law Firm for help. You may be eligible for damages that will cover your medical expenses, lost income, emotional trauma, pain and suffering. We work on a contingent fee basis so you do not have to worry about their legal fees unless we are successful in recovering damages for you.

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