Even a mistake that seems small to a car driver can result to serious bicycle accidents. Every time a driver fails to look carefully before pulling out of a parking space or a driveway, stop at the red light or intersection or give enough distance while passing a cyclist, an accident could occur, which can have severe consequences for the bicyclist. Even when a cyclist is wearing appropriate protection, he or she is simply no match for a motor vehicle that weighs several thousand pounds. In addition, Pads and helmets cannot match seat belts, air bags and a steel enclosure that protect a car driver. It is no surprise then that extensive injuries are common in bicycle accidents, which can include lacerations, ruptured organs, broken bones or even death.

Bicycle accidents can result to huge hospital bills and a long time away from your work, which can combine to produce a huge impact on your economic stability. Most of the time, the insurance provider of the offending driver would dispute your claims because they tend to believe that cyclists have no right to be in the highway and should yield to motor vehicles in almost any situation. They are wrong of course, since it is clearly stated in the law that cyclists have the right to use roadways. In addition, insurance adjusters would usually treat a cyclist injury lightly and unjustly, making use of generalizations and biases to minimize your claim and avoid paying just compensations.

This is the reason why victims of bicycle accidents should seek the help of a bike accident lawyer. A qualified attorney will have the skill and experience needed to create a positive resolution of the case. If you are in Sachse, contact us at The Goolsby Law Firm immediately. Our knowledgeable lawyers know of the right approach and strategies to help you get just compensation for the injuries you suffered, and provide you with sympathetic advice and dedicated assistance on all stages of the legal process. When you speak with me at The Goolsby Law Firm,, you will be advised on your legal options and they can formulate an attack plan that will take care of all the consequences of the accident.

Substantial financial damages can be claimed for injuries that resulted from bicycle accidents, even if your injury appears to be minor. The medical expenses that can be recovered include hospital and doctor bills, therapy, medications and future medical expenses that you might incur reasonably. Additional compensations can include physical pain, lost income and other benefits, loss of future earnings, loss of future diminishment of life enjoyment and suffering. If the conduct of the distracted driver was outrageous and extreme, you may also claim for punitive damages as punishment to the offender and prevent a repeat of the misconduct.

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