Auto / car accidents claim a lot of victims in the state of Texas each year. However, in spite of the personal sufferings of the victims and their families, claiming compensations is often made very difficult by insurance firms, who would never want to give a fair settlement to a case. In fact, insurance providers train their employees on how to deny claims and how to delay them as long as possible to discourage claimants. This is where the services of a car accident lawyer comes in. the experience and skill of a legal counsel will level the playing field for you, and give you the compensation that you justly deserve.

Around 3,460 people lose their lives from auto/car accidents in Texas each year and thousands more suffer serious injuries. There are plenty of reasons that can lead to an auto accident but the most common are the following:

  • Drunk Driving – drivers who drink and drive cause serious auto/car accidents every day. It is estimated that around a third of all car accidents are alcohol related with the numbers increasing to fifty percent on weekends. In spite of the stiff penalties and crackdowns on drunk driving, which include substantial fines and jail time, plenty of people still lose life and limbs to drunk drivers.
  • Distracted Driving – there are many kinds of distracted driving. It could be that the driver is talking or texting on the cell phone, tuning the car stereo, grooming, talking to passengers, tending to a child or eating. All of these activities take the attention of the driver off the road, which can lead to a serious road crash. A distracted driver can drive through a stop sign, side sweep another car, swerve into the traffic or fail to stop the vehicle in time.
  • Aggressive Driving – aggressive behaviors on the road can include speeding, rapid or constant lane changes, gesturing, tailgating and honking. These and other aggressive driving practices create risks on other motorists.
  • Speeding – excessive speed can be driving too fast for a certain condition like going faster than what is normal in heavy rain or going over the legal speed limit. Drivers who go over the speed limit are not paying attention. They may be late, angry, or frustrated. They may not also consider too much speed as a major concern. However, it has been proven that speed kills. A driver going at high speed needs faster reaction time to stop and avoid obstacles or other vehicles on the road. If auto/car accidents occur, the force of the impact would be greater, thereby causing more serious property damage and injury.
  • Drowsy Driving – drivers who are fatigued are dangerous to themselves and to other motorists. If a driver is too tired and still gets behind the wheel, judgment and reaction time will be slower and there is danger of falling asleep while driving.

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