In the 1830s, settlers began to trickle into the area that is present-day Rowlett. By the latter part of that century, railroads reached this part of Texas, and Rowlett became a thriving farming and cotton-producing community. Highways opened east/west transportation across the country in the 1920s, further contributing to Rowlett’s growth. The Dallas County and Rockwall County city incorporated in 1952 and became a waterfront community in the early 1970s when the Lake Ray Hubbard Reservoir was completed. Rowlett’s 30 miles of lakeshore provide its 55,000 residents with welcome access to boating, swimming, and other outdoor activities. Popular with commuters, the city is connected via public transit, to Garland and Dallas.

When residents of Rowlett need help with legal concerns, they turn to Attorney Mike Goolsby and his Goolsby Law Firm. For more than a decade, our practice has handled both civil and criminal cases, providing the knowledgeable and skilled representation North Texans need when they have suffered injuries or when they have been charged with crimes.

As a Rowlett personal injury and wrongful death attorney, Mike Goolsby is known for his professionalism and for his capable handling of injury victims’ claims. Our firm understands how upsetting it can be when you suffer serious harm in a traffic accident, at the hands of a drunk driver, or in any motor vehicle crash. Rowlett Car Accident Attorney Goolsby is experienced in pursuing compensation for victims who are injured in other ways, too. He knows that careless actions or negligence can cause people to be hurt at work, while on others’ property, while they’re innocently trying to use products that prove to be defective, and in many other situations. Rowlett residents also rely on Mike Goolsby’s skills and his compassion when they’ve lost a loved one in an accident and need a strong advocate who can successfully handle survivors’ claims for damages.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Rowlett DUI Defense Attorney Mike Goolsby can come to your aid. He understands that a drunk-driving arrest is often the first encounter people have with the justice system, and he knows how frightening the experience can be. Because the Goolsby Law Firm has made a commitment to be accessible when North Texans need our services, you’ll find our phones are answered around the clock. Attorney Goolsby knows that legal problems don’t conveniently occur during business hours, so you’ll find hime ready to help regardless of the hour.

When Mike Goolsby opened his law practice more than a decade ago, he brought with him comprehensive experience in criminal law gained through a long and successful tenure with the Dallas District Attorney’s Office. Putting that experience to work as a Rowlett criminal defense lawyer has enabled Mike Goolsby to help residents of Rowlett and other North Texas communities when they are in the intimidating position of being accused of a crime. Attorney Goolsby knows the local justice system, and he has the practical skills needed to negotiate reduced charges or dismissals of charges for his clients. If your circumstances mean that a trial will be necessary, you can rest in the knowledge that Mike Goolsby and his professional staff have the resources and knowledge needed to build a strong case for you. Attorney Goolsby’s years of experience in the courtroom provide additional assurance that your future is in good hands.

The Goolsby Law Firm is a leading choice for Rowlett citizens who need help in any personal injury or criminal law matter. A few examples of the cases our firm commonly handles include:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian injuries
  • Wrongful deaths
  • Workplace injuries
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Defective product issues
  • Driving under the influence charges
  • Drug offenses
  • Domestic violence issues
  • Assault charges
  • Theft

If you’re the victim of someone else’s negligence or carelessness or if you’ve been charged with any type of criminal offense, call on the experience of Rowlett personal injury and criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby. Call the Goolsby Law Firm to schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss your legal issues.

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