Pedestrian accidents happen in both rural and city roadways with alarming frequency, and the injuries sustained by the victims can be very severe if the vehicle that hit them was travelling at high speed. Accidents involving pedestrians are usually at slower speeds than those that involve motor vehicles but can result in more serious and debilitating injuries. Statistics show that 41 percent of all pedestrian fatalities in the United States happen from three to four in the afternoon. This is the period where most schools let out their students and children are running home. Most pedestrian mishaps happen with alarming frequency in school zones, streets, driveways, sidewalks, streets and crosswalks for various reasons. Typical among them are:

  • The motorists are distracted because they are too busy with something else such as talking or texting on a cell phone, playing their car stereos, eating, applying makeup or conversing with passengers. People who drive while engaging in any of these activities at the same time tend to avert their eyes from the road and speed through school zones, run red lights or fail to stop the vehicle in time to avoid a road crash, or a kid or elderly walking in front of the car.
  • The driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It has been shown in several studies that around a third of all serious accidents involve alcohol.
  • Driving at an excessive speed, which can result to catastrophic pedestrian accidents. The damages are more serious because a vehicle going at a higher speed will collide with a pedestrian with more force.
  • Although there are new regulations that are designed to prevent drivers from using their cell phones and speed limits in school zones, drivers consistently fail to observe these road rules or drive in an observant and safe manner all the time. As a consequence, pedestrian accidents continue to injure or kill people every day.

Kids are more at risk from pedestrian accidents because of their inquisitive nature and relative unfamiliarity with cars. The sad fact is that 25 percent of all pedestrian mishaps involve children. Thus, parents should be especially wary if their children are around motor vehicles, even if they are in a parking lot or near a driveway.

Recklessness and negligence are two of the main factors in pedestrian accidents. If you or a love one suffered an injury through such an accident, a thorough investigation might be required to be able to determine the cause of the mishap. This is the importance of getting a pedestrian accident attorney. It has been proven that those who pursued damages without a lawyer were able to get less than half of the compensation they should have received. You should talk to an attorney before making any statements or providing evidences to the insurance company.

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