Distracted driving accidents is a huge problem but they can be avoided entirely if drivers would avoid talking and texting on the cell phone, reading emails and surfing on the internet or conversing with passengers while behind the wheel. The state of Texas, especially the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex have plenty of drivers and roadways so that the few seconds it takes to respond to a cell phone call or text can easily lead to a disastrous road crash. Distracted driving kills and all too often the victims are innocent people.

Victims of distracted driving accidents have the right to make a personal injury claim against distracted drivers for their negligence. However, it can be very hard to establish that the driver was really distracted and it will take a thorough investigation or even a subpoena to the mobile service provider of the negligent driver. This is where the services of a personal injury lawyer become essential. If you are in Plano, personal injury attorney Mike Goolsby will take charge of the situation and do all of the legal work for you. This will take a lot of mental burden from you, allowing you to concentrate on healing. The compensations that might be awarded to you include medical expenses, lost income, scarring, pain, suffering and disfigurement.

Claims arising from distracted driving accidents can be made against the insurance provider of the negligent driver but if they do not have a liability insurance, which is mandated in Texas, you can claim on uninsured motorist’s coverage. That is if you have it on your own auto insurance.

Bear in mind that insurance companies are not after your best interest. They will always attempt to make a quick settlement and give you the lowest amount of compensation possible. The cell phone injury lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm understands how valuable your claim is and will strive to get you the maximum amount of compensation that is possible under the law. We have extensive experience in litigating distracted driving cases and are always ready to go to court in order to protect your interests. If insurance companies will not compensate you honestly for your injuries, The Goolsby Law Firm will not hesitate to bring the case to a jury.

Although we tend to consider other motorists as meticulous drivers, this is usually not the case. Many drivers are negligent and are constantly putting everybody on the road in danger by doing other tasks while behind the wheel. It has been proven in various studies that a driver who is distracted in one way or another finds it hard to identify oncoming dangers, has slower reaction time and less likely to notice other motorists on the road. Distracted driving accidents are often the result.

The Goolsby Law Firm is always ready to help victims of distracted driving accidents. To consult with an attorney from the firm, call us. You do not owe us anything unless we make a successful recovery for you.

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