Hundreds of people in the state of Texas are injured each day due to bicycle accidents. If you are one of these people, you might be entitled to receive compensations for the injuries you sustained. One of the most important steps that you can do to ensure that your claim is successful is to contact a personal injury lawyer. Your legal counsel can ensure that your rights are protected in court and help you get just compensation. This amount is vital to cover your medical and rehabilitation expenses, pain, suffering, lost income, disfigurement and impairment.

However, a bicycle accident lawsuit has a statute of limitations so you should act fast. A victim is only allowed a couple of years to file an injury case but many residents of the state are not familiar with this statute or do not realize that they are eligible for some kind of compensation.

Victims of bicycle accidents can have lifetime residual pain resulting from their injuries, aside from concussions and broken bones. As compared to a car driver, a cyclist does not have the protection offered by a motor vehicle and therefore sustain grave injuries in case of a collision with an automobile. For many victims, what appeared to be minor injury can later develop into chronic pain because of joint stiffness and arthritis that usually manifest themselves as a person gets older. This is the reason why legal experts advise victims to act immediately.

It is required by the state of Texas that drivers have liability insurance for their vehicles to provide compensation for the injured victim in case of an accident. However, insurance companies do not always give enough compensation to the victims of bicycle accidents or for the families of those who are killed in the mishap. They prefer to settle for the smallest amount of compensation that they can manage. If you were a victim of bicycle accident, do not negotiate with the insurance company unless you have an attorney with you. You will be eligible to receive cash indemnities that are substantially higher than what is being offered to you. Hiring a car accident lawyer will give a great increase to your recoverable amount, especially if the damages have been catastrophic.

In Plano, get in touch with the bicycle accident injury lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm immediately after a bicycle accident. Attorney Mike Goolsby is a personal injury lawyer who is known for his dedicated support for accident victims and will compel insurance companies to give you the compensations you deserve. Call The Goolsby Law Firm today. We work on contingency so you do not have to pay us unless we make a successful recovery for you.

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