There are many potential causes of pedestrian accidents. One of the major causes can be motorist negligence. Drivers failing to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks or ignoring or missing stoplights, are all potentially dangerous. Drivers who are intoxicated may leave the roadway and hit a pedestrian on the footpath. Accidents involving other vehicles can often also involve a pedestrian, if they are unlucky enough to be walking close by. Often pedestrians who are injured are unsure of their rights and what they can do to put things right, and cope with the cost of their medical care as well as loss of earnings.

Often the driver’s insurance provider will try to blame the victim for the accident, and even where fault can not be disputed may make a fast low offer, this is a situation where you need professional help and a experienced pedestrian accident lawyer that can deal with the insurance company on your behalf. When you or a friend or loved one have been hurt in a pedestrian accident, we at The Goolsby Law Firm have the experience and the knowledge necessary to get the most out of your claim.

A pedestrian has no protection when hit with a much heavier metal vehicle. Unfortunately the human body is a surprisingly delicate thing, and injuries sustained when they are involved in a collision can be devastating. Broken bones, head, and back injuries are very common, and these can need long term treatment plus a great deal of time to recover from them. You will need compensation to cover all the costs and expenses you will be faced with. Even in cases where you feel you are to blame for the accident, proper investigation can often reveal that the driver of the vehicle was at least partly to blame, possibly because they were traveling too fast for the road conditions, or not paying attention. There are many reasons they may be held at least to have been partly responsible for the accident.

All pedestrian accidents will require careful investigation, items such as the insurance coverage of every potential defendant, such as the vehicle operator plus vehicle owner. We at The Goolsby Law Firm can provide an experienced personal injury attorney to pursue an at-fault driver personally, to pay the rest of your medical bills and any other damages incurred, (time off of work, loss of benefits, etc. ) We will help you recover the compensation you deserve after such a traumatic incident.

Accidents that happen inside a crosswalk or on a footpath or bike path will be quite obvious that the vehicle driver is at fault. However, even when the conditions of the accident are in dispute or otherwise complicated, in many cases you will still be able to recover compensation when the driver was at least partly to blame. A pedestrian who is struck by a car will most likely be entitled to health care cover provided by the vehicle owner’s personal injuries protection insurance policy. The price of injuries experienced in many pedestrian accidents can be substantial, if injuries require ambulance transportation, a hospital stay, surgical procedure, extensive rehab, and long-term care, the costs will mount at an alarming rate, all this has to be compensated for.

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