If you’re the victim of job/work injuries in North Texas, the chances are you will be able to claim on workers compensation insurance. If you are affected by a work related accident this may seem like an ideal, as well as simple solution. Before you do however it is vital you understand if you accept a payment you will be releasing your employer from any future liability, what this means is, if it transpires that the payment you accepted is not sufficient and is not covering your costs and losses, medical treatment, loss of income etc. You will not then be able to file suit for additional payments, leaving you in a bad situation.

Our Job/work injuries attorneys possess the experience and knowledge to make sure your workers comp or other suit against those responsible is handled in the best way possible, we will fully assess the situation and take into account your immediate costs as well as potential future expenses. Liability law relating to an accident you had while working, or in the course of your employment, can be confusing and hard to understand. So if you have suffered a serious injury while working, contact an experienced McKinney area personal injury attorney at The Goolsby Law Firm to learn about your rights as the injured victim.

If a third party was the cause of your job / work injury then you will have a personal injury claim against them for the damage, and injury caused. In this type of case, evidence and proof is even more important as you will need to establish blame and negligence of this third party, as well as to show that they were responsible for the injuries you have received. Many workers that are injured at work may feel the only course of action open to them is to accept workers compensation. However, often when the situation is properly investigated there can be shown to be third party involvement that can be held wholly or partly responsible. This can be the case if a tool or piece of equipment is shown to be defective and this led to injury, in which case the maker of the tool will be liable. Additionally if an injured worker is not covered by worker’s compensation insurance, then the injured worker can make a claim against his employer for negligence or for the negligence of a co-worker, if this negligence resulted in the injury.

If your injury resulted in you being taken to hospital you will be treated and examined by an ER doctor in the first instance. These often busy and overworked doctors will treat the obvious symptoms as well as repair any damage, and send you home with medication as soon as possible. They are neither capable, nor able to assess the true extent of your injuries. As soon as possible, and before you accept a payment, it is essential you are examined by a specialist that can find any problems that may cause long term issues that could prove very costly in the long run.

If you have had a job / work injury and it was due to the carelessness of your employer, or the result of a negligent act of a co worker, you are entitled to receive compensation. Contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm for a free consultation. We can provide all the information you need about the validity of your claim, as well as the likelihood that it will meet with success. We can make sure that you get the money and help you need to preserve your lifestyle and recover after your accident. Call today.

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