Have you recently been hit by a vehicle driven by a drunken driver? Drunk driving accidents are particularly hard for people to deal with because of the unfairness of the situation. It’s bad enough that you were injured, but it is even worse when you find out the person behind the wheel of the other car had impaired judgment due to alcohol consumption. The only way that you can get compensated for the mental and physical pain you have suffered is to get hire an Irving drunk driving accident lawyer. An Irving personal injury attorney can make the person who caused the accident pay for their mistake.

A car accident can prove to be a very expensive thing. Fatalities are common, but you will have a lot to deal with even if you are only injured. There are the immediate medical costs that you have to bear and there may be recurring medical expenses as well. You might even require physical therapy to get back your normal physical abilities. If you are badly injured you might not be able to work for a living and the loss of earnings can be devastating to you and your family.

What normally happens after a vehicular accident is that you will be contacted by the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. They may even offer you a ridiculously low amount of money for you to settle the case. You can never assume that assuming that an insurance company will offer you a fair settlement without a lawyer. In fact, the insurer has its own best interests at heart and will only pay you the absolute minimum they can get away with.

Texas has the unhappy reputation of being the state in the US that has the highest number of alcohol related traffic accidents. Quite naturally, Texas also leads in the number of fatalities involving drunk drivers. To handle your case, you need an Irving drunk driving accident lawyer. The Irving accident attorneys at The Goolsby Law Firm have experience in handling Irving drunk driving accident injuries and will give you the kind of legal support you need. Dealing with drunk driving accidents is a very specialized task and this law firm has exactly what it takes to get you adequate compensation. It is not afraid to litigate if required but also gets you compensation by arranging an out of court settlement if the circumstances demand it.

Mike Goolsby, an Irving personal injury lawyer, will go after the perpetrators of drunk driving accidents and will get you compensation that will permit you to lead a proper life even if you are incapacitated for a long time and cannot rejoin the workforce due to a bad injury. Call the Irving drunk driving injury attorneys today for a free consultation. You owe us nothing until we get money for you.

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