Each year, truck accidents account for a great number of serious injuries and fatalities all over the United States. If you were involved in such an accident, you need to take some steps in order to uphold your rights under the law. What you do after the trucking accident can either hurt you or help you. By following the guidelines, you will not only safeguard your rights but also put you in the best position for getting appropriate compensations for your injury and other damages from the trucking company and its driver.

Soon after an accident involving an 18-wheelers, it is essential that you do not say anything to the other driver. Even saying that you are sorry or other innocent statements can be used against you later on.

It is also vital that you contact the police immediately after truck accidents. By doing so, you are ensuring that facts of the accident scene that are critical are preserved. If you can, record any marks or scrapes on the truck as well as the damages to your own vehicle with a camera. Take a picture of all the markings and signage that are on the truck like the company name found the cab door and the plate number of the vehicle. These photographs may prove crucial in preserving the details of the crash. If you suffered an injury, do not attempt to move except for getting yourself out of a danger zone. You should wait for the emergency service but always consider your safety first.

In 18-wheeler accidents, make sure that you jot down every details about the truck and its driver. If you cannot do this yourself, find someone else at the accident scene that can. Allow the police to aid you in making a correct documentation of the road crash. Do not discuss the incident or evaluate its cause with the other party. Talk only with the officer on the scene. Keep in mind that you have to safeguard your rights and the truck driver will attempt to protect himself too, so don’t assume or make a statement that you were to blame for the crash, even if you were not.

Do not forget to have your injuries treated after an 18-wheeler accidents. Even if you suffered only minor injuries, being attended to by a medical professional is necessary. Remember that some injuries might not be so obvious at the accident scene. There are cases where the shock of the accident victim is so great that little or no attention is given to injuries, which could prove serious later on. Failing to notice your injuries can result to severe complications. Even if you do not have health coverage, you should not prevent yourself from having the care that you require.

Once you have been given medical attention, you should then report truck accident to your insurance provider and get in touch with an experienced Farmers Branch truck accident injury lawyer. In Farmers Branch, you must contact the personal injury attorneys at The Goolsby Law Firmto ensure that your rights are fully protected. If any document is offered to you, do not sign it without having an attorney from the firm by your side. Remember that the other party is trying to build a case against you and their insurance company is seeking to pay as little compensation as possible. Set up a free consultation with attorney Mike Goolsby and the Farmers Branch 18-wheeler lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm.

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