Citizens of the state of Texas can bring a case of premises liability against the operator or owner of a business premise for their negligent act. Every time you go into a business or commercial property such as a bar, store, restaurant, mall, hospital, bank or theater, the owner or operator of the establishment owes you a duty to warn you of dangers that you do not of, and to act to correct such dangers. A reasonable effort must be made to identify dangers or defects that might be hidden in the premises. In other words, the business premises must be made reasonably safe for the clients.

Premises liability can have various forms, the most common being slip and fall due to the business placing a substance that made the floor slippery or their failure to take a slippery substance off the floor. Another is trip and fall that happens as a consequence of poorly marked elevation changes, uneven floor, worn and broken steps, broken sidewalks and objects on the floor that are not discernable. Other hazards that can cause an accident on business premises are elevators that stop below or above floor level, causing falling accidents to customers. Mechanical doors can close on clients, which can break bones in hands, feet, arms and fingers. Pinch points that are exposed in doors can amputate fingers. Similarly, negligent merchandising can cause merchandise that have been stacked or poorly arranged to fall on costumers.

If you suffer an injury due to the negligence of the owner or operator of a business, you can file a case for premises liability in court with the help of a Farmers Branch premises liability injury lawyer but getting your just compensation may be not be as simple. You have to prove that you were a business invitee of the accused, which would require proof that you were in the business establishment for the advancement of the business entity. You then have to prove further that your injuries resulted from hazards or defects that exist unreasonably in the business premises, and that the business knew, or should have known in the exercise of proper diligence, of the existence of the particular hazard and failed to warn the patrons of the defect or to correct it.

In analyzing the condition of a business establishment in a premises liability case, complications often arise from the fact that the business does not have a duty to warn or correct a defect that is obvious and on the open. As a result, customers who are injured usually find themselves arguing that the establishment should have known of the hazard and proving simultaneously that it was hidden from the customers.

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