Pedestrian accidents have great potential for serious injury. When a pedestrian is hit by thousands of pounds of glass and metal, tragic injuries or death could result even from a low speed collision. Parents who have children should emphasize pedestrian safety and should follow road safety rules themselves to be good examples to kids.

There are common errors that are committed by drivers that contribute to pedestrian accident injuries. Many drivers do not pay attention or disregard crosswalks, whether they are at intersections or other parts of the road. This habit is a serious accident risk. Drivers should make sure that there are no pedestrians who are crossing the road before going through designated crosswalks. Drivers also disregard traffic controls on an almost regular basis, particularly those that are associated with pedestrian traffic. Whenever a driver does this, the chances of an accident are increased substantially.

Accidents can also happen if a driver disregards a pedestrian who is already crossing the road. Every time a person enters the lane of the driver in the process of going across the road or if someone ahead of a vehicle is obviously crossing, drivers should exercise proper caution and yield as required to prevent a pedestrian accident.

Other common driver errors that cause pedestrian injuries are driving while intoxicated and passing a school bus. Drivers who are drunk are serious risks to pedestrians, and this is attested by the fact that drunk drivers accidentally struck pedestrians who are on sidewalks several times before. When a driver ignores or fails to notice the flashing red lights on top of a school bus, passing it creates a risk for kids who might be getting off the vehicle.

The big issue in pedestrian accidents is liability and most people who are injured or the family of those who died would like to recover damages from the negligent driver. However, establishing fault in pedestrian accident is not an easy task. First of all, although a driver has the duty to perform proper diligence and care when driving a motor vehicle, he or she cannot be held liable for a mishap because of a negligent or careless pedestrian. If a pedestrian is struck by a car outside the crosswalk for example, and there is no indication that the driver broke any law, there can be no charge. In such an incident, the driver cannot be held accountable even if the pedestrian suffered serious injuries or is killed.

However, if the accident happened because the driver was distracted or drunk and the pedestrian was following traffic signals and signs and is within the crosswalk, a claim for compensation can be filed in court against the negligent driver and a Farmers Branch pedestrian injury lawyer should be contacted immediately.

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