In this age where high technology communication devices have become so common, many drivers seem to have forgotten that they need a high level of concentration every time they are behind the wheel. Driving without focus often results to distracted driving accidents that had caused serious physical injuries or wrongful death to many people. The prime reason for distracted driving seems to be cell phones and there is a belief that teenagers are the ones who are most likely to use a mobile device while driving. However, there is a report released by the Pew Research Center that shows that adults can be more likely to use cell phones while driving.

The survey found that teens are less likely to talk on the cell phone than adults while operating a motor vehicle. Approximately 75 percent of adults who has a cell phone have used it while driving. In contrast, only 52 percent of teenagers who own a cell phone used it while behind the wheel. It is no wonder then that each year, around 6,000 drivers are killed in the United States because of distracted driving accidents.

One should not get the idea that talking and texting on the cell phone is the only cause of distracted driving accidents though, since there are many other caused of such mishaps. These include eating while driving, personal grooming, operating the radio or CD player, taking care of children who are also in the vehicle, getting behind the wheel with pets and talking with passengers while driving.

If you suffered injury or lost a loved one due to an accident caused by a distracted driver, you should contact a Farmers Branch distracted driving accident lawyer immediately to know your rights under the law. A car accident can be a complex case so it is essential that your chosen attorney have the skill, resources and experience in handling claims against distracted drivers. All aspects of the accident must be investigated carefully, in order to prove that distracted driving or other kinds of negligence caused your injuries.

If you are in Farmers Branch, the above requirements can easily be found with the personal injury lawyers from The Goolsby Law Firm. Attorney Mike Goolsby has handled distracted driving accidents many times in the past and understands the horrible consequences that it can have on you or your family. He believes that a distracted or negligent driver should be held accountable for his or her action and will therefore advocate your case strongly in court.

Although the state of Texas has passed laws that aim to limit distracted driving accidents, mobile communication devices are increasingly becoming more advanced and affordable. Thus, it is expected that distracted driving will continue to be a major problem. If you suffered injuries because of a distracted driver in Farmers Branch, contacting The Goolsby Law Firm should be done immediately. A free consultation can be set up with one of our lawyers so you would know if you are entitled to claim for lost income, medical expenses, pain and suffering. You are not required to pay unless we make a successful recovery so call them today.

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