Defective products that were designed for a variety of uses are being recalled almost regularly because they can hurt you. Consumers who were hurt by faulty products often pass it off as a simple accident but this should not be so. The fact is that somebody has been negligent and it is the end users who are paying the price. An injury caused by faulty products can have long-term health consequences, aside from permanent scars, disfigurement, lost wages and hospital expenses. However, you do not have to suffer the consequences on your own since you may be qualified to claim for compensation.

For any defective products case, you have to prove that the product that had caused harm to you or a member of your family was really faulty. When a product is proven to be defective, its maker can be held responsible for the injuries it had caused and you can claim compensations for your medical expenses. There are many ways in which a defect in a product can happen, which include production or assembly problems, design flaws, insufficient warnings and poor instructions. In addition, there are three factors where you can base your claim, namely strict liability, breach of warranty of fitness and negligence.

For a defective products case based on strict liability, you just have to demonstrate that you suffered an injury because of the defect in the product. It is not relevant what the reason for the defect is since it is not your use but the product itself that is the issue. Warranty of fitness on the other hand is a manufacturer’s guarantee that the product will meet your expectations of it and that they know how you are planning to use it. That means that it is safe and is fit for use. In this respect, if the product fails to meet your expectations, a broken promise exists. If the warranty of fitness is breached in this manner, you might have a case.

Defective products negligence can be applied to all activities before the product are displayed on stores. These include material testing and inspection, product design, product manufacture, product assembly, packaging, warnings, instructions, as well as the testing and inspection of the finished product. You can also sue the manufacturer for negligence if they failed to take steps to create a safe product.

If you think that a product had caused an injury because of any of these causes, then you should get in touch with a Farmers Branch defective product injury lawyer immediately, so that you can determine the kind of defect that a product has and its cause. Having an attorney is also essential in appraising your claim.

In Farmers Branch, call the personal injury attorneys at The Goolsby Law Firm. Remember that the statute of limitations for a defective products lawsuit in Texas is only two years so the sooner you can contact them, the better. Call them today for a free consultation. They work on a contingent fee basis so you only need to pay them if they are successful in recovering damages for you.

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