Texas is among the leading states in the United States that ranks high in the number of deaths resulting from bicycle accidents. The figure for cyclist fatalities recorded each year is so large that the state ranks fourteenth in the entire country in the U.S. As shown by statistics, thousands of people in Texas suffer major injuries and sustain even more damages because of bicycle mishaps, and the numbers continue to increase. Many of the injuries sustained by cyclists in the state are not even on record, since many people usually do not bother with police reports or file a lawsuit against the offending party. This should not be so. If you suffered an injury from a bike accident, you should get the services of a good Farmers Branch bicycle injury lawyer as soon as possible.

It is clear that cyclists are in a very disadvantageous position in bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles. The bike is a lot smaller in size and speed and the rider is totally open to everything around them, including the car involved in the collision, fixed nearby objects and the road below.

Many of those who suffered life-threatening injuries due to bicycle accidents do not realize the importance of having an attorney to claim compensations. It is important to recognize the fact that only with the aid of an experienced Texas based lawyer can a strong case be built up, and get the compensations you deserve. There is a great possibility that a lawyer will give you a settlement that is much higher than you anticipated. In addition, the insurance company of the other party will not give your claim much attention if you do not have an attorney with you. Therefore, you should never try to take the case on your own.

When the bicycle accidents that were reported in the state were evaluated, it was found out that majority of them resulted from poor road conditions, unsafe driving habits and not using proper bicycle safety equipment. Bear in mind though that although wearing a helmet and other safety gear is highly recommended, it would not be enough to prevent serious injuries if involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. Since the laws for accidents involving bicycles are different from those involving cars, the best course of action would be to seek the help of a legal counsel so that you can comprehend the court procedures and follow all the rules that are applicable to you.

If you were injured in bicycle accidents in Farmers Branch, you may be qualified to recover for the damages you sustained by contacting a personal injury lawyer from The Goolsby Law Firm. The possible compensations can include lost income, present and future medical expenses, pain, lost earning potential, suffering, repair or replacement of your bicycle or even wrongful death. The Goolsby Law Firm takes all injury cases seriously and gives the best legal advice to its clients. Call them today for a free consultation. Lawyers from the Goolsby Law Firm work on a contingent fee basis so you do not have to worry about their legal fees unless they make a successful recovery for you.

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