Intersections are by far the most dangerous place for the cyclist, as it is here that most bicycle accidents occur. Two of the most common reasons are other vehicles failing to see the bike, or the bike rider failing to follow the rules of the road. Another frequent kind of bike accident is a parked vehicle opens a door without a proper lookout, and the cyclist hits the door and is knocked off his bike. The result of these can be further magnified if the rider is thrown into the roadway where they can be hit by other cars or trucks.

Injuries are often serious as bike riders only have a helmet or occasionally protective clothing to shield them. A body is a very fragile thing, and no match for a solid metal vehicle or a tarmac road surface. At The Goolsby Law Firm we understand the financial worry and huge expense a bicycle accident can cause, we have years of experience handling the unique circumstances brought about by an incident like this. We will supply top-notch representation and personalized considerate support at each and every stage of your claim.

bicycle accidents are the main reason for children ending up in the emergency room each year. Nearly eleven thousand annually spend some time in hospital because of the injuries they sustain when riding their bikes. Before you allow your child out on their bikes, you should make sure they understand the rules of the road, that their bikes are in a roadworthy condition, and they have the appropriate safety gear like helmets and noticeable clothing. The injuries people sustain from bicycle accidents are frequently serious, and may be debilitating or life threatening. Broken bones, spine, and brain injuries are typical, together with a possibility of severed limbs or paralysis. The injuries sustained could be lessened when the rider uses proper safety gear. A bike helmet reduces the severity of typical head injuries by as much as eighty five percent, however only twenty five percent of us wear one. Car and truck drivers need to be aware that bikes have as much right to use the road as they do, and should be given proper right of way and consideration. The failure to do this is the cause of many accidents involving bikes. If you were hurt while riding your bike, regardless of how severe, talk to a skilled bicycle injuries lawyer at The Goolsby Law Firm. We can help you to recover the compensation you need to recover.

To help lessen the chances of being involved in a bicycle accident you should wear a helmet, and also make sure your clothing and bike is as noticeable as possible. Reflective strips or bright colors can help other road users to see and avoid you. Treat your bike just like any other vehicle, make sure your tires are in good condition and inflated to the right pressure, and also that your brakes are in good condition and are working effectively.

Call The Goolsby Law Firm to setup a totally free consultation with a Denton County bicycle accident lawyer. We’ll advise you of all your legal options and let you know if you have an actionable case. In addition, we work on a contingent fee basis, meaning we do not get paid unless of course we recover damages for the losses you have sustained.

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