Drunk driving accidents cause massive amounts of pain and heartache. These accidents happen in the thousands each year, and for one reason, an irresponsible driver got behind the wheel after drinking. The biggest tragedy of Drunk driving accidents is that they should not happen in the first place, and are preventable. There is no excuse these days for anyone to drive after drinking. Buses, taxis, and other types of alternative ways to get home exist in nearly every part of the country. If there is no other way to get home then nominating a designated driver, checking into a hotel, or staying with a friend, is an option, in fact anything instead of driving.

Victims of Drunk driving accidents should pursue every way possible to recover their lives if they are a victim of one of these irresponsible drunk drivers. If you are a victim, your first step should be to get legal representation as soon as you can. Leading Dallas Drunk driving accident attorney Mike Goolsby is experienced in representing the interests of people who have been the victim of a drunk driver.

Drunk driving accidents usually lead to serious injuries or a wrongful death. For that group of people, coping with the worry over the injuries sustained, or grief of a lost loved one, the impact could be overwhelming. For this reason you’ll need good a lawyer, one that is experienced in dealing with the aftermath of a Drunk driving accident and is able guide you through the personal injuries claims process.

Fifteen hundred people in Texas die each year as a result of Drunk driving accidents. They tend to happen at night and on week-ends. Accidents involving alcohol impact more than just the victim. Households and loved ones are drastically impinged on, plus the individuals injuries or death might cause long-term psychological and economic repercussions. One step you can take to protect yourself is to avoid driving during this period.

Due to the nature of a Drunk driving accident the injuries are often serious, when you contact The Goolsby Law Firm we will thoroughly investigate your incident to be sure we have all the details and evidence to present the most effective possible case for you. Our trial lawyers will also consult with medical and financial experts to determine the need and cost of future medical treatment and economic losses.

Drunk driving accidents take 1000’s of lives every year. For those who have questions regarding filing a claim against a drunk driver, contact our firm to plan a free consultation with an experienced personal injuries attorney for advice about your case. Drinking and driving is never acceptable. Despite societies revulsion towards this behavior people still drive while drunk. They must not get away with the damage and heartache they cause. If you are a victim make sure they pay.

If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a Drunk driving accident, you need the proven skills of Dallas county car accident lawyer Mike Goolsby on your side. He will make sure you get the maximum compensation you need to carry on and to repair your life.

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