Many defective products are recalled each year, these cover a wide range of consumer items. These recalls by the Consumer Product Safety Commission are designed to safeguard the public from suffering harm or serious injury from them. However injuries and even wrongful deaths still occur, claims made because of defective products can be complex and you will need to contact a specialist if you are the victim.

The experienced Dallas County defective products lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm are ready and prepared to help those injured by unsafe products. Cases caused by defective products, commonly referred to as “product liability” cases, can be brought against companies who produce any products which fail to prevent, or cause, personal injuries. To be successful the victim must be able to show that the product was “defective” at the time the injury or harm was caused, which in a legal sense means that the product was unreasonably dangerous.

Typically, to be able to win a design defect case, the complainant is obliged to provide a realistic alternative design the manufacturer might have utilized, that would have avoided the injury and that would not have significantly reduced the product’s performance. If the jury finds the plaintiff’s offered option is reasonable and would’ve removed the product’s risk, the item design is determined defective.

The amount of consumer product recalls have increased sixty percent in less than ten years. U.S. businesses record more than four hundred recalled items each year, the second-worst record on the planet. And the USA is the globe’s biggest importer of merchandise from China, which unfortunately produces more substandard or unsafe products than every other country. Liability can also be based upon a breach of warranty. A breach of warranty indicates that the manufacturer didn’t keep a assurance to the customer that was found in labeling or some other sales files. In short, the merchandise does not meet the guarantees that this company offers and, consequently, injuries are suffered from the product.

At The Goolsby Law Firm we are experienced in representing victims of serious injury or death caused by unsafe products. We can provide top quality representation for these victims. We will happily answer any questions, and will review the facts of your case for free. Product liability cases need to be carefully investigated if a compelling case is to be built. For this reason they should be handled by an experienced defective products attorney who is familiar with handling these kinds of product liability cases.

Often a product that was previously safe can become defective or dangerous. This can happen if for example a company changes the design, or uses cheaper components in an attempt to shave a few dollars off their costs.

It is very important to understand that defective products claims possess a time limit for all those affected to file suit. In Texas this is two years, after which it may not be possible to start proceedings in many instances. You should call a Dallas County defective products lawyer at The Goolsby Law Firm as soon as you can if you’ve been injured by a defective product in the Dallas County area.

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