If you suffered job / injuries in Collin County, you may be eligible to claim under workers compensations. If your injuries were not covered by it, it would be to your best advantage to contact a work accident lawyer. Even if it turns out that you are actually covered by workers compensation, you may still be able to file additional damages under third party liability, if it could be proven that your injuries resulted from the negligence of a party other than your co-worker or employer. Through a consultation with a legal counsel, you can discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident and be advised on the legal options that you have, with regards to filing a personal injury claim.

Job / work injuries are common occurrences, especially in the construction industry, which has the highest number of work related injuries in the country. The accidents that you may suffer in a workplace include but are not limited to explosions, burns, on the job vehicular accidents, electrocutions, slips and falls. They can happen on factories, store outlets, industrial sites, office buildings, construction sites and other work environments. A job accident attorney can investigate every issue that contributed to your injury and aid in filing damages against the parties who may be responsible. If you are in Collin County, the personal injury lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm will dynamically work with you in all stages of the case and negotiate with the insurance firm to get a settlement that is just for the damages and injuries you suffered.

Most of the time, job / work injuries are caused by those who are not working for your employer. Majority of companies in Texas are required to get workers compensation in order to protect its workers who may be injured while performing work related tasks. Workers compensation though does not always provide for everything you need when injured. Attorney Mike Goolsby can advise you on your legal rights and help you get the compensations you require to recover.

In serious cases, the amount of compensation you can recover from third parties may even be more than workers compensation. With a third party claim, you can recover for medical bills, future medical expenses, loss of income, loss of future earning, pain, suffering and property damage. Such claims are not entirely covered by workers compensation, since its benefits are usually limited to disability compensation and medical expenses, as well as a monetary award in case you sustained permanent disabilities. In addition, your disability and cash benefits under workers compensation are generally given according to particular schedules. Thus, the compensations you may get for your job/work injuries may be fairly modest compare to what you were earning before being injured.

When you need advice on your job / work injuries, The Goolsby Law Firm stands ready to help. You can schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers. You do not have to worry about our legal fees unless we are successful in recovering compensations for you.

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