Many defective products are recalled each year, These cover a wide range of consumer items. These recalls by the Consumer Product Safety Commission are designed to safeguard the public from suffering harm or serious injury from them. However injuries and even wrongful deaths still occur, claims made because of defective products can be complex and you will need to contact a specialist if you are the victim.

Manufacturers or distributors of defective products need to be placed responsible for defective or dangerous items they allow to reach the end user. If you or a loved one have been injured, or even killed, as a result of an unsafe item you are entitled to seek restitution and compensation. Contactan experienced Carrollton defective products attorney at the Goolsby Law Firm today, they can investigate your case and lead you through the process of making a claim against those responsible.

While most reputable producers and associated companies will strive to put things right when a defective product they are responsible for causes injury or death, some will try to avoid the consequences and deny any liability. You need legal representation that can see through the maze, and go after those responsible.

Substandard Merchandise includes quite a number of consumer goods. Automobiles, vehicle tires, toys and games, kid’s products, building materials, food poisoning, recreational vehicles, ATVs, watercraft, household furniture (fire risks,) appliances, grills, and also Sporting equipment, to name a few.

The levels of people being injured and killed because of unsafe or dangerous items have grown constantly year on year. Defective products which are actually linked with injury or fatalities must be accurately investigated, and carefully analyzed, as soon as possible to be able to maintain a claim against an irresponsible supplier. It is a worrying statistic that product recalls have increased by sixty percent in the last ten years, this amounts to around 400 major product recalls per year in the USA.

If the producer of a product allows it to be offered to an end user in a dangerous or defective state, or commits a breach of warranty, and this product than cause’s injury, then they are liable for the damage and you will be entitled to compensation. If the item causes a wrongful death then the deceased person’s immediate dependents are entitled to compensation too.

It is vitally important to realize that defective products claims have a time limit for those affected to file suit. In Texas this is two years, after which you will not be able to instigate proceedings in most cases. You should call Mike Goolsby and the Carrollton defective products attorneys at The Goolsby Law Firm as soon as you can if you’ve been injured by a defective product in the Dallas area.

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