Mike Goolsby for informed guidance after an accident has left them seriously injured. The Goolsby Law Firm has been a leading choice of Bedford and Tarrant County citizens for more than a decade, providing help in both civil and criminal matters.

As a former Dallas Assistant District Attorney, Bedford Criminal Defense Attorney Mike Goolsby built an extensive background in all aspects of criminal law. He knows the local justice system, and he understands how to work effectively with prosecutors and law enforcement officials to best serve the needs of the community and his clients. When you face criminal charges, you want the assurance that comes from knowing your attorney is experienced and has a winning record of producing positive results for clients. Bedford criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby believes you deserve the highest quality in legal representation and he delivers just that.

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, possession of drugs, shoplifting, assault, domestic violence, white-collar crime or any type of misdemeanor or felony offense, it’s important to choose a lawyer who knows how to protect your rights and who will fight for your future. Bedford drunk-driving defense Attorney Mike Goolsby understands that any serious charge can affect your life for many years to come. If you’re convicted, you may face a range of penalties that could see you devastated financially. If the conviction is for a serious felony, you may even lose your freedom. Attorney Goolsby’s polished negotiation skills and his ability to work constructively with local prosecutors enable him to get charges reduced or dismissed for some clients. When that isn’t an option, he’ll work to ensure that you have the best possible defense, and he’ll apply his practiced courtroom skills to seek an acquittal or a reduced sentence.

Victims of car accidentsworkplace injuriesslip-and-fall accidents and other incidents that cause serious harm know Attorney Goolsby as a highly regarded Bedford personal injury and wrongful death lawyer. As compassionate as he is capable at legal matters, Mike Goolsby is the knowledgeable professional that grieving families rely on when they’ve lost a loved one to a careless driver, a dangerous workplace, a defective product injury, or in some other circumstance. Bedford residents who suffer serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents or in other events know Attorney Goolsby as the strong advocate they need to stand up to large insurance companies or to intercede with intimidating employers who resist paying for the harm their negligence has caused.

The Goolsby Law Firm is pleased to offer you a free consultation to discuss your personal injury or criminal law case. Talk to us about issues such as car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, premise liability cases, drunk-driving charges, wrongful deaths, and criminal offenses. When you need a forceful advocate who will make sure that your rights are respected, Attorney Mike Goolsby is the choice of Bedford and Tarrant County residents.

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