An estimated half a million Truck accidents happen in the United States every year. Such accidents happen when trucks and 18-wheelers normally weighing more than 10,000 pounds or more, collide with pedestrians and smaller vehicles on the road. Out of the total trucking accidents that happen in the country, around 5,000 resulted to fatalities. In accidents involving trucks, it is normal for the 18 wheeler driver to escape with little or no injury while the driver and passengers of smaller vehicles usually suffer serious injuries or even death. Because of their large sizes, trucks pose a big risk to other motorists, when operators fail to implement proper safety procedures.

18-wheeler accidents have many causes. Some of the major factors include the deregulation of the trucking industry and the focus of trucking companies on efficiency and speed, which puts a lot of pressure on truck drivers. They are usually required to drive for extended periods of time with little or no rest, and they constantly go over the speed regulation just to deliver their cargoes on time. This makes the situation more dangerous since the sheer size of a truck prevents it from making sudden stops and creates a massive impact upon collision with something. The result is usually catastrophic. Federal statistics have recorded that twenty percent of accidents involving trucks and trailers occurred because of excessive speed.

There are special laws that have been enacted to protect motorists specifically from the negligence of truck drivers and companies. However, fault must be proven aggressively in 18-wheeler accidents. This makes it vital to have a skilled and experienced Balch Springs truck accident lawyer who can painstakingly examine all logs and records that lead up to the accident, in order to establish the negligence of the truck driver or company. Attorney Mike Goolsby and The Goolsby Law Firm is an experienced truck accident injury firm . Never take an offer of a quick settlement from an insurance company, since it is not to your best interest. Remember that they would like to settle for as little amount as possible and avoid legal actions that would be more expensive for them.

As the country continue to grow and prosper, 18-wheeler accidents are likely to occur with more frequency. This is because the presence of these large vehicles on the road will likely continue to grow, as trucking companies attempt to keep up with the increased demands. As the competition between them increases, more pressure will be put on truck drivers to deliver their cargoes at a faster pace even if it means breaking traffic regulations and falsifying logbook entries. Fatigue will also become more of an issue. At present, around twenty percent of truck drivers admitted falling asleep behind the wheel on one occasion at least, during a three-month period.

Protecting your rights in truck / 18-wheeler accidents is essential. This is the reason why you should contact the Balch Springs personal injury attorneys at The Goolsby Law Firm immediately. Our lawyers will fight for your rights at every turn of the case and ensure that you get the full compensation allowed by the law for your injuries.

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