Because of greater health awareness and rising fuel prices, more people are opting for bicycles to ride from one place to another. However, the cyclist must always stay vigilant while riding. In a road that is shared with faster and larger motor vehicles, there is always the threat of bicycle accidentsand more often than not, they will result in serious consequences for the cyclists. Even if a cyclist observes every road regulation there is and exercises proper care, the chances of getting injury from reckless drivers are still high. Reports show that a bicycle rider is injured on the road every six hours, majority of which are children below sixteen years old.

bicycle accidents involving bigger vehicles almost always result to some kind of injury to the rider that ranges from minor to fatal. Many of these injuries can be permanent or life changing, which means that quality of life of the cyclist will be altered forever. Protecting your rights and getting appropriate medical treatment is crucial after a bike accident. To ensure that you will be able to claim just compensations, the help of a skilled Balch Springs car accident lawyer is vital. If you are in Balch Springs, contact personal injury lawyer Mike Goolsby, from The Goolsby Law Firm, immediately. As someone who has represented bicyclists for years, Attorney Mike Goolsby knows how to build a compelling case that will ensure that you get your full compensation for your injuries.

Knowing what to do in case of bicycle accidents is essential. If you have been involved with one, get emergency treatment immediately. Call 911 on the scene and do not decline a medical attention, even if you are not feeling anything. Remember that you are most likely in shock following an accident and you may not realize the extent of your injuries. If you can, get the license number and license plate number of the driver. If you think that they may leave or the police will not be coming, get the description of the driver as well. Take as many notes as you can about the accident, including illustrations of the vehicles, the incident location, property damages and your physical injuries. Never have a liability discussion with the other driver. Preserve the bike and keep on the clothes you are wearing no matter how dirty they are. It would also help if you could take snapshots of your injuries.

Following a bicycle accident, you should contact a lawyer as soon as you can to discuss your case and have a follow up with your doctor. Do not discuss anything with the insurance provider of the driver who caused the accident without talking with a lawyer first. Insurance firms will try to talk with you to reduce the amount of settlement that you are entitled to receive.

If you were injured in the Dallas area, the proven skill of The Goolsby Law Firm will be crucial to your case. He has advocated victims’ rights and will fight in court to protect your privileges, even against big insurance companies. The initial consultation is free and you do not have to pay anything unless we recover damages for you.

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