Located just southeast of Dallas, Balch Springs traces its beginnings to the 1840s. When early settler John M. Balch found that his local land included several springs, the city’s name was born. Balch Springs was primarily a farming community through the early portion of the 20th century, but experienced growth in more recent decades as the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex expanded. The Dallas County community incorporated in 1953 and is home to about 20,000 residents. Balch Springs’ proximity to Interstates 635 and 20, and to Highway 175 make it a popular choice among Metroplex commuters.

When Balch Springs civil and criminal attorney Mike Goolsby established the Goolsby Law Firm in 1999, he founded his practice on the belief that every citizen of Balch Springs and North Texas deserves the best possible legal representation. With an impressive record of successful work for his clients, legal excellence is just what Mike Goolsby has delivered.

His years as Dallas Assistant District gave Balch Springs criminal lawyer Mike Goolsby a wealth of experience as a trial attorney. Since he brought those capabilities to his own practice, it is his clients who benefit. Because Attorney Goolsby has hands-on knowledge of the local judicial system, he is able to negotiate effectively with prosecutors, often winning reduced charges or dismissal of charges for his clients. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, domestic violence, drug possession, or any type of criminal charge, you know it’s important to have an attorney who knows how to take effective action on your behalf. Balch Springs criminal attorney Mike Goolsby is focused on achieving results for every client he serves.

As a Balch Springs personal injury lawyer, Mike Goolsby has handled cases involving harm that’s been done to innocent victims under a variety of circumstances. From car, truck and motorcycle crashes to workplace accidents and medical malpractice cases, Mike Goolsby understands the trauma of sudden and serious injury. He knows how confusing insurance claims can be, and he knows the tactics insurance companies use to try and avoid paying for injury victims’ care.But Balch Springs civil attorney Mike Goolsby has proven that he isn’t afraid to stand up to big insurers, employers, and other organizations. His aggressive representation has won compensation for injured Texans and their families, making the difference between lifetimes of suffering and the sure knowledge that medical care and financial support will be available when it’s needed.

The Goolsby Law Firm handles a full range of civil and criminal legal matters. A few examples of issues with which Balch Springs personal injury and criminal lawyer Mike Goolsby can help:

When nothing but the best in legal talent is called for, contact Balch Springs civil and criminal attorney Mike Goolsby. He has the knowledge and the professional resources you need, whether you’ve been injured by someone or you face charges for serious criminal offenses. Attorney Goolsby offers you a free consultation to discuss your case and to review your legal rights. When you need an attorney you can rely on, call Mike Goolsby.

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