Strategically located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington is one of more than 40 incorporated cities in largely urban Tarrant County. One of the area’s older settlements, Arlington dates to the early 1840s, but its trading-post past has given way to a thriving, modern city with well over 300,000 residents. The home of the Texas Rangers baseball team and football’s Dallas Cowboys, Arlington offers visitors and residents, alike, an atmosphere of excitement and fun.

Like their fellow Tarrant County residents, Arlington’s citizens recognize the Goolsby Law Firm as a respected leader when it comes to assertive representation of a wide range of clients. Our firm is committed to the belief that everyone is entitled to high-quality legal services and personalized attention. Attorney Mike Goolsby’s background in both criminal and civil law enables him to effectively lead his team of Arlington criminal defense lawyers and personal injury/wrongful death attorneys.

At the Goolsby Law Firm, you’ll find a veteran Arlington personal injury lawyer who can provide you with strong advocacy when you’ve been injured through the carelessness actions or negligence of another. Serious injuries can profoundly affect you and those who depend on you. If you’ve been hurt by someone else, it’s only natural to worry about getting the medical treatment you need, especially if a severe injury requires specialized therapies or long-term rehabilitation. How will your family pay bills if you aren’t able to work? Personal injury and wrongful death attorney Mike Goolsby can help you understand your rights and make informed decisions about your future.

Throughout Tarrant County, Arlington car accident lawyer Goolsby helps individuals whose lives have been changed because of a motor vehicle crash. With about 28,000 traffic crashes occurring in the county each year and more than 4,300 of those causing serious injuries, Attorney Goolsby knows that Arlington residents need a seasoned personal injury lawyer who can provide them with real help after an accident. His firm knows that insurance adjusters will urge you toward a quick settlement if you’ve been badly hurt in a car crash. He can handle negotiations with insurers so you can concentrate on your recovery. You deserve the maximum compensation available to you when you’ve been injured, and experienced Arlington car accident attorney Mike Goolsby will work to make that happen.

While the Goolsby Law Firm is well-versed in all aspects of personal injurywrongful death, and civil law, Attorney Goolsby also is known as a capable Arlington criminal defense attorney. His lengthy tenure with the Dallas District Attorney’s office means that his firm has a unique understanding of the local justice system that can serve you well. When you’ve been arrested on charges of DUI, Arlington drunk-driving lawyer Goolsby knows how to take decisive action on your behalf. He can see to it that your rights are respected. He knows that a drunk-driving conviction can have long-term negative effects on many aspects of your life. That’s why he has pledged to be responsive when you call at any time of the day or night. When a moment’s bad judgment results in your arrest, drunk-driving lawyer Mike Goolsby offers you proven skills in contesting DUI charges.

Arlington residents who have been accused of criminal offenses know that a call to the Goolsby Law Firm enables them to meet with an Arlington criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to providing them with personal attention and aggressive representation. Attorney Goolsby understands that criminal convictions can carry an array of serious penalties, ranging from court costs and expensive fines, to jail or state prison terms. He’s a criminal defense lawyer who has years of experience in representing Tarrant County citizens accused of criminal activities. When your freedom could be in jeopardy, you need to know that the attorney you’ve chosen is a proven performer. Attorney Goolsby’s negotiation skills often bring reduced charges for his clients. In cases that go to trial, he demonstrates the powerhouse courtroom capabilities that have earned him a respected reputation in Arlington and throughout the Metroplex area.

Legal issues can be confusing and frightening. When you face criminal charges or you need an attorney in the aftermath of a severe injury, contact the Goolsby Law Firm. If you’ve been hurt and you aren’t able to come to our offices, personal injury attorney Mike Goolsby will meet with you at your hospital bedside. If you’ve been arrested and jailed, call our firm. Attorney Goolsby will respond 24/7. When you need an attorney dedicated to protecting your rights, you need the Goolsby Law Firm.

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