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When reliable legal guidance after an accident is needed, Allen citizens call on personal injury lawyer Mike Goolsby at the Goolsby Law Firm.

As an Allen personal injury and wrongful death attorney, Mike Goolsby takes pride in providing you with strong legal advocacy when you’ve been injured because someone else has behaved carelessly or negligently. If you’ve suffered harm in a car crashbicycle or pedestrian accidentsmotorcycle crashes or other vehicle incidents, he can put his experience to work for you. An Allen car accident lawyer who knows Texas law, Attorney Goolsby isn’t afraid to take a strong stance with insurance companies that care more about their financial bottom lines than they do about the expensive medical care you need to help you recover. He is a seasoned negotiators who can capably handle interactions with insurance adjustors so you aren’t pressured into a low settlement that won’t adequately take care of your needs.

Aside from car accidents, Allen personal injury lawyer Mike Goolsby represents Collin County residents who have been hurt in slip-and-fall accidentsemployees who suffer injuries on the job, and those who are harmed when they unwittingly visit property that hasn’t been safely maintained. He knows the fright and confusion that you feel after a serious accident. He also recognizes the need to act decisively in order to protect your rights. Some legal matters have very specific time frames – you could lose your right to pursue compensation for your injuries if you fail to choose an attorney who brings proven know-how to your case.

Criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby has experience in the local justice system. Known for his confidence and assurance in the courtroom setting, Attorney Goolsby knows that you have many important decisions to make if you’ve been charged with a crime in Collin County. You could be liable for penalties, court fees, restitution and more. Depending on your circumstances, you might risk a sentence of jail or prison time. A criminal conviction can affect many aspects of your life for years to come. Don’t risk your future or your family’s well-being. The founder of the Goolsby Law Firm is a seasoned criminal defense attorney who is the consistent and reliable choice of Allen and Collin County citizens.

The Goolsby Law Firm is the resource that Allen residents call on when a mistake in judgment finds them facing DUI charges. Allen drunk-driving lawyer Mike Goolsby knows that a DUI conviction can disrupt your life. You may find yourself arrested and jailed. Your driving privileges can be suspended, and your employer may decide your services are no longer needed on the job. In many instances, Attorney Goolsby is able to negotiate with prosecutors to have the charges against you reduced. He knows how to question the circumstances involved in a DUI arrest, and he can represent you at your DMV hearing, perhaps helping you retain your driving privileges. Allen residents know that they can count on the Goolsby Law Firm when a strong legal advocate is needed. Call our firm today and ask for a free consultation to discuss your case. In either civil or criminal matters, the Goolsby Law Firm is dedicated to preserving your legal rights.

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