Two Things You Must Do After A Car Accident

by dadmin on November 28, 2012

in Car Accidents

If you are involved in a car accident in Texas, there are several things you should do.  The first step is to call the police so that the accident is documented through an accident report.

The second step is to make sure any injuries are treated.  If you are severely injured at the scene and need an ambulance, call 911.

If the injury is not severe, you may be able to wait until after the police officer completes the accident report before you go to the emergency room.  I find that some people no matter how badly they are injured do not do this.

They think they will feel better in a couple of days so they take no steps to make sure that they do not get the treatment they deserve to make sure the injuries are taken care of and do not cause them pain for the rest of their lives.

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